So... What is No-Code?

No-Code is the ability to build websites, mobile apps, and software visually. Think of Wix, Wordpress, Shopify and Squarespace but with endless possibilities. 

It is now possible to build applications like Airbnb and Uber without writing a single line of code. The website above was a clone created without code that has the same functionality as Airbnb!

Join No-Code Communities Like FreeSites

Here are Some Popular Communities You Can Join to Grow & learn in Addition to FreeSites


A leading community and education platform for people looking to take their skills to the next level building Airbnb clones. 


A leading community and education platform for those looking to start learning no-code, automations, and Webflow.

No Code No Problem 

One of the largest no-code podcasts and event hosts, they aim at creating awareness and fostering community at every corner.

About FreeSites

Our turnkey solutions makes it easy to build your website and grow your business completely for free

Build Without Code

Not only is our solution completely free, we enable everyone to build their websites visually without writing a single line of code!

Five FreeSites Ways to Set Yourself Free

1. Location freedom... work from anywhere

2. Time freedom... work when you want

3. Choice freedom... work on what you want

4. Creative freedom... express yourself & essence

5. Financial freedom!

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