HEEK Simplifies the Process of Website Creation with a Chatbot

It’s an extremely exciting time in the web site creation industry.  Just as it’s become even more essential for a business to have a website, it’s become even easier to create a website.

In a release, Nicolas Fayon, CEO, HEEK said, “Our mission is to help SMB owners to be successful online. How? With the first intelligent robot that builds them the website of their dreams before their eyes, that gives daily advice and teaches best practice, all of which is of course 100% personalized. The more time passes, the cleverer the robot becomes, refining its expertise for the next user.”

In the same release, Olivier Heckmann, Multimania Co-Founder and Investor in HEEK, said, “HEEK has solved a problem faced by many companies: lack of time. It is truly a revolution in the field of website creation, and a product I would have loved to have 20 years ago with Multimania.”

Heek starts out free!


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