Web.com, Google Sites or FreeSites.com for Business Websites?


Web.com, not to be confused with Webs.com, is a site building platform which offers a website builder, limited free functionality, and many, many pre made templates to choose from. The templates available through Web.com might be their strongest selling point—with over 2,500 to choose from, users won’t find that the service is incapable of providing you with a unique, good looking website.

Unfortunately, Web.com’s website builder, while still certainly not the worst we’ve seen, is less intuitive than many other competing services. Don’t get us wrong—with a little dedication to learning the nuances of the interface, you can most definitely create a good looking website, and some users may even come to prefer it.

Web.com offers a “DIFM” option of their own (Do It For Me). However, user reviews have indicated that this can often take quite a lot of time and patience compared to other services. If you’d like to use Web.com for your website, but you’d like to take advantage of a DIFM option, we’d like to humbly suggest taking advantage of ours instead.

  • Seeking a Simple Website? Web.com is a fine choice for users who need a basic website, such as to showcase simple business information or for a static portfolio. For those users who wish to have a blog which can be easily updated or to sell products online with a more robust eCommerce platform, there are better options available.
  • Huge number of templates. As we’ve mentioned, this is likely to be the best thing Web.com has going for it—there are more templates than you’ll be able to look through in a single sitting.
  • Multiple pricing tiers. Web.com’s pricing tiers are a bit more expensive than many of their competitors. If you opt to work with their “DIFM” option, the first month of service is free—after that it jumps to about $115.

Overall, we found Web.com to be a website builder service that, other than for specific usage scenarios, is probably best avoided for users who need more complex features for their website. It’s a nice touch that they offer a DIFM service, but we’d wager that the monthly fee is too high for most users. If you need a simple website to showcase your portfolio or basic information only about your business, it’s a decent choice. Otherwise, there’s superior services to be found.

Google Sites isn’t really for building business websites despite their hype: ‘Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.’ It’s best suited for building intranets— follow this rule and stay happy. Sites that are hosted in Google Sites are not available to residents of countries where Google Services are blocked.

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