Build Your Ark of Meditation and Prayer, Let the Floods of Life Lift You Higher


Do you want your very own Yacht?

Why not, right?  But how?

There is a raging storm at sea.  There are hellish waves that crash and pound at the shore, carrying all away, leaving desolation behind.

The sea is the world of making a living.  The waves are the stress and anxiety of indecision, not knowing which way to turn, on what to rely.  Up and down, hot and cold, constantly churning back and forth.

Do as Noah did and build an ‘Ark’ from the story you know as a kid. But the story isn’t just for kids.  It’s for you and me.  It’s for all of us.

You see the story of Noah was written in Hebrew where  ‘an Ark’ is ‘teivah’ which also means ‘a word’.

Your Ark should be the words of meditation and prayer.  Meditation and prayer are free.  Enter your Ark and let the waters lift you up, rather than drown you with everything else.

Next build your website in order to help make your living and business better digitally.  It’s free as well from Build it well making sure it helps people.  Your help will bring you business and blessings that will multiply.

Your Ark is your yacht.  Sail in peace.  Vaya con Dios!

The photo of the yacht and water is coincidently courtesy of Unsplash which is one of the great free photo sites for free stock photos.  Here is over 30 more free photo sites, courtesy of for your website building.




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