John O’Nolan is the lead designer behind Anyone interested in the widespread popularity of Content Management Systems (CMSs) will have likely heard about him in 2012 when he left his position as the deputy head of the WordPress User Experience team to set out on his own and create, a fully featured, elegant blogging platform.  It’s another one of the great free sites.

So what does this mean for you? Over the past few years since its inception, the services provided by have had time to mature. The breadth and depth of this blogging platform has expanded so much that it’s been referred to as a “WordPress killer” on more than one occasion. Lofty aspirations to be sure, but if there’s any competing platform that has a chance of accomplishing that goal, it’s probably

Let’s find out why:

  • Simple account creation and setup. doesn’t waste much time before allowing you to begin building your site and blogging. After a typical account creation process—which does not require a credit card—you’ll have access to the backend of your website where you can customize its appearance, add useful plugins, and write posts.
  • Multiple pricing tiers—including free. offers a 14 day free trial and does not require a credit card. However, advanced users actually have the option to download the source code of the platform and install it on their own servers for free, forever. While this is a very unique offer, it does mean that you’ll have to conduct all maintenance yourself, and won’t have access to the customer support available with a Ghost(Pro) account.
  • Preloaded with themes. The backend allows you to choose from countless great looking, fully modifyable themes so that you can give your site a unique look that’s been tailerod to your specific goals.
  • Additional features. really shines when you get a look at some of the additional features and services the platform offers, such as fully automated updates and backups to protect your data. Ghost(Pro) accounts also utilize a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for lightning fast image loading.

As you might have gathered by this point, is ideal for aspiring bloggers. However, businesses or creatives looking for a clean, simple platform to display their portfolios will appreciate the robust set of features—especially if they’ve tried WordPress and didn’t like it. Thanks to the 14 day free trial of Ghost(Pro), which does not require a credit card, there’s little reason not to check out this elegant blogging platform. If the features and user design match your preferences, offers an affordable solution as the home for your website.

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