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It’s an extremely exciting time in the web site creation industry.  Just as it’s become even more essential for a business to have a website, it’s become even easier to create a website.

In a release, Nicolas Fayon, CEO, HEEK said, “Our mission is to help SMB owners to be successful online. How? With the first intelligent robot that builds them the website of their dreams before their eyes, that gives daily advice and teaches best practice, all of which is of course 100% personalized. The more time passes, the cleverer the robot becomes, refining its expertise for the next user.”

In the same release, Olivier Heckmann, Multimania Co-Founder and Investor in HEEK, said, “HEEK has solved a problem faced by many companies: lack of time. It is truly a revolution in the field of website creation, and a product I would have loved to have 20 years ago with Multimania.”

Heek starts out free!


In business, it is essential that you have a website. Period.  It doesn’t matter if you want to create a business website where you can promote your products, offer services or additional information, or you want to create a personal website in order to show off your expertise in your field, experience and portfolio – having a website is simply a must if you want to establish yourself as a legit professional and create credibility for your business.

It is not really essential that you get everything right from the start. It’s helpful to start right, to save your time.  However, other than your valuable time, it’s not essential since you can start or FREE.

It’s helpful that you create a good foundation for your website, you can build on it later on when you learn more; if not, I’m afraid that you will have to start all over. You lose time, but not money. To save time, here are some main things you need to know when building a website on your own.

You only need three main legs to your website marketing machine.  All of them can be obtained absolutely FREE!  Your FreeSites.com subscription shows you how. The three are:

1)Domain Name

2) Website builder

3)Web Hosting

1)Your DOMAIN Name or Web Address is the most important of the three.  The domain name is your unique name you buy for your website. It is important that you have one so that people can find your website more easily and so that you can make it more recognizable. Additionally, all websites that have a good domain name, one which contains the right keywords for that website, will be ranked better, because Google prefers them.

2)A Website builder can be automated in order to do it yourself or custom built by real live human beings.  Quite frankly, new and improved online automated website creator tools are hitting the market virtually every week making it easier and easier to create your own website.  It’s so easy, that FreeSites.com will even have a site built for you FREE for your approval.

3)Website hosting can be had for free.  Customer service, however, can be challenged with traditional free web hosting companies.  Servers are computers that have an underlying cost to keep running. Yes, computers, even in the cloud, can crash.  Sometimes a small monthly fee pays off well by keeping you in business.

In addition to the three main fundamentals, including a blog is a great idea.  A blog section is where you will post articles regularly and offer your insights, knowledge and experience that is relevant to the whole concept of your website. Also make sure that your design is properly laid out and that everything is visible on your website. Make it visually appealing by customizing colors, fonts and adding professional images that give credibility.

Making your business website look good on a smartphone is essential but easy to do as well.  Yes, this feature is also available for free.  Make today the day to get your new business website or update your existing website.





Create your own online store or an amazing website. It´s free.

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