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Sadly, Napolean Hill passed away on today’s date, November 8, 1970, may he rest in peace.  His genius, was to inspire and motivate generations with his writing.  As he wrote on the subject of genius:

“A genius is simply one who has taken full possession of his own mind and directed it toward objectives of his own choosing, without permitting outside influences to discourage or mislead him.”

Napolean Hill was a true American.  He’s considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history.  Success is described by the most successful and largest market cap of  free sites,  Google as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.   They sure did accomplish!
Think & Grow Rich is Hill’s master piece that will help you discover from real life experience how many people have transformed their quest for riches into reality.  Do you think Mr. Hill could have imagined Google as he wrote?
Fortunately Hill’s greatest book has been available on many free sites for many, many years.  Please feel ‘free’ to download it here, courtesy of FreeSites.com along with the great free sites of FreePDFS.org and EbooksOnEverything.com.


Build Your Ark of Meditation and Prayer, Let the Floods of Life Lift You Higher


Do you want your very own Yacht?

Why not, right?  But how?

There is a raging storm at sea.  There are hellish waves that crash and pound at the shore, carrying all away, leaving desolation behind.

The sea is the world of making a living.  The waves are the stress and anxiety of indecision, not knowing which way to turn, on what to rely.  Up and down, hot and cold, constantly churning back and forth.

Do as Noah did and build an ‘Ark’ from the story you know as a kid. But the story isn’t just for kids.  It’s for you and me.  It’s for all of us.

You see the story of Noah was written in Hebrew where  ‘an Ark’ is ‘teivah’ which also means ‘a word’.

Your Ark should be the words of meditation and prayer.  Meditation and prayer are free.  Enter your Ark and let the waters lift you up, rather than drown you with everything else.

Next build your website in order to help make your living and business better digitally.  It’s free as well from FreeSites.com. Build it well making sure it helps people.  Your help will bring you business and blessings that will multiply.

Your Ark is your yacht.  Sail in peace.  Vaya con Dios!

The photo of the yacht and water is coincidently courtesy of Unsplash which is one of the great free photo sites for free stock photos.  Here is over 30 more free photo sites, courtesy of FreeSites.com for your website building.




FreeSites Fight: Wix vs. WordPress

Dear Matt Mullenweg: an open letter from Wix.com’s CEO Avishai Abraham

Yesterday, Wix.com’s CEO Avishai Abrahm posted an open letter to Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.com fame.  The ‘rant’ was titled “Dear Matt Mullenweg: an open letter from Wix.com’s CEO Avishai Abraham”.

WordPress is reported to power over 20% of the web.  Wix is growing fast.  In fact it’s stock price and total valuation has been soaring.  Yahoo Finance News currently shows a current valuation as we begin the last day of October 2016 of $1,750,000,000:  That’s almost $2 billion dollars making it one of the most valuable free sites offering it’s own free website builder.

WordPress is private so it’s valuation isn’t offered by Yahoo.  Numerous reports have indicated that it’s private parent, which Mullenweg heads, is valued north of $wix.  Wordpress is another of the most valuable free sites offering it’s own free website builder.

FreeSites.com’s valuation by contrast is based on helping you choose between Wix, WordPress, and over 48 additional free website builders to get your website online….for free!  We’re large enough to offer you the best free tools and services.  We’re small enough to offer you personal service.  We care.


The public letter is copied below for your convenience.  It’s also found originally on the Wix.com website here.


Dear Matt,

We were all very surprised by your post, as you have so many claims against us.

Wow, dude I did not even know we were fighting.

First, you say we have been taking from the open source community without giving back, well, of course, that isn’t true. Here is a list of 224 projects on our publicGitHub page, and as you can see they are all dated before your post. We have not checked if WordPress is using them, but you are more than welcome to do so, some of them are pretty good.

We always shared and admired your commitment to give back, which is exactly why we have those 224 open source projects, and thousands more bugs/improvements available to the open source community and we will release the app you saw as well.

Next, you talk about the Wix App being stolen from WordPress. There are more than 3 million lines of code in the Wix application, notably the hotels/blogs/chat/eCommerce/scheduling/booking is all our code.

Yes, we did use the WordPress open source library for a minor part of the application (that is the concept of open source right?), and everything we improved there or modified, we submitted back as open source, see here in this link – you should check it out, pretty cool way of using it on mobile native. I really think you guys can use it with your app (and it is open source, so you are welcome to use it for free). And, by the way, the part that we used was in fact developed by another and modified by you.

If you want to read the account from Tal Kol, one of the leading engineers on this project, here it is. He was really happy to share his side of the story.

Now, what is this thing about us stealing your branding? Our product was always called Wix and our website Wix.com, we never borrowed from your marketing or brand.

In fact, if I remember correctly, until recently the Automattic home page was all about blogs and only recently it has become “websites.” Also, your business model changed to almost exactly the one we had for years. Can it be that you guys are borrowing from us? If so, again, you are welcome to it.

If you believe that we need to give you credit, that you deserve credit, I must say, absolutely yes. You guys deserve a lot of credit, but not because of a few lines of source code, you deserve credit because you guys have been making the internet dramatically better, and for that we at Wix are big fans. We love what you have been trying to do, and are working very hard to add our own contribution to make the internet better.

If you need source code that we have, and we have not yet released, then, most likely we will be happy to share, you only need to ask. We share your belief that making the internet better, is best for everyone.

Finally, during the last couple of years, I reached out a couple of times trying to meet with you. Could I do that again here? I believe in friendly competition, and as much fun as it is to chat over the blogosphere, maybe we can also do it over a cup of coffee?




Web.com, not to be confused with Webs.com, is a site building platform which offers a website builder, limited free functionality, and many, many pre made templates to choose from. The templates available through Web.com might be their strongest selling point—with over 2,500 to choose from, users won’t find that the service is incapable of providing you with a unique, good looking website.

Unfortunately, Web.com’s website builder, while still certainly not the worst we’ve seen, is less intuitive than many other competing services. Don’t get us wrong—with a little dedication to learning the nuances of the interface, you can most definitely create a good looking website, and some users may even come to prefer it.

Web.com offers a “DIFM” option of their own (Do It For Me). However, user reviews have indicated that this can often take quite a lot of time and patience compared to other services. If you’d like to use Web.com for your website, but you’d like to take advantage of a DIFM option, we’d like to humbly suggest taking advantage of ours instead.

  • Seeking a Simple Website? Web.com is a fine choice for users who need a basic website, such as to showcase simple business information or for a static portfolio. For those users who wish to have a blog which can be easily updated or to sell products online with a more robust eCommerce platform, there are better options available.
  • Huge number of templates. As we’ve mentioned, this is likely to be the best thing Web.com has going for it—there are more templates than you’ll be able to look through in a single sitting.
  • Multiple pricing tiers. Web.com’s pricing tiers are a bit more expensive than many of their competitors. If you opt to work with their “DIFM” option, the first month of service is free—after that it jumps to about $115.

Overall, we found Web.com to be a website builder service that, other than for specific usage scenarios, is probably best avoided for users who need more complex features for their website. It’s a nice touch that they offer a DIFM service, but we’d wager that the monthly fee is too high for most users. If you need a simple website to showcase your portfolio or basic information only about your business, it’s a decent choice. Otherwise, there’s superior services to be found.

Google Sites isn’t really for building business websites despite their hype: ‘Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.’ It’s best suited for building intranets— follow this rule and stay happy. Sites that are hosted in Google Sites are not available to residents of countries where Google Services are blocked.

John O’Nolan is the lead designer behind Ghost.org. Anyone interested in the widespread popularity of Content Management Systems (CMSs) will have likely heard about him in 2012 when he left his position as the deputy head of the WordPress User Experience team to set out on his own and create Ghost.org, a fully featured, elegant blogging platform.  It’s another one of the great free sites.

So what does this mean for you? Over the past few years since its inception, the services provided by Ghost.org have had time to mature. The breadth and depth of this blogging platform has expanded so much that it’s been referred to as a “WordPress killer” on more than one occasion. Lofty aspirations to be sure, but if there’s any competing platform that has a chance of accomplishing that goal, it’s probably Ghost.org.

Let’s find out why:

  • Simple account creation and setup. Ghost.org doesn’t waste much time before allowing you to begin building your site and blogging. After a typical account creation process—which does not require a credit card—you’ll have access to the backend of your website where you can customize its appearance, add useful plugins, and write posts.
  • Multiple pricing tiers—including free. Ghost.org offers a 14 day free trial and does not require a credit card. However, advanced users actually have the option to download the source code of the platform and install it on their own servers for free, forever. While this is a very unique offer, it does mean that you’ll have to conduct all maintenance yourself, and won’t have access to the customer support available with a Ghost(Pro) account.
  • Preloaded with themes. The Ghost.org backend allows you to choose from countless great looking, fully modifyable themes so that you can give your site a unique look that’s been tailerod to your specific goals.
  • Additional features. Ghost.org really shines when you get a look at some of the additional features and services the platform offers, such as fully automated updates and backups to protect your data. Ghost(Pro) accounts also utilize a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for lightning fast image loading.

As you might have gathered by this point, Ghost.org is ideal for aspiring bloggers. However, businesses or creatives looking for a clean, simple platform to display their portfolios will appreciate the robust set of features—especially if they’ve tried WordPress and didn’t like it. Thanks to the 14 day free trial of Ghost(Pro), which does not require a credit card, there’s little reason not to check out this elegant blogging platform. If the features and user design match your preferences, Ghost.org offers an affordable solution as the home for your website.

LeakedSource recently reported that Weebly, the world-renowned website builder, had suffered a data breach back in February 2016.

As a result, over forty million records were stolen, including customer names, email addresses, and IP addresses.

However, LeakedSource, a reliable hacking news source, spoke of their relief when it came to reaching out to the Weebly team about their data breach:

“Unlike nearly every other hack, the Co-founder and CTO of Weebly Chris Fanini fortunately did not have his head burried deeply in the sand and actually responded to our communication requests. We have been working with them to ensure the security of their users meaning password resets as well as notification emails are now being sent out.

This mega breach affects not only tens of millions of users but tens of millions of websites and with Weebly being one of the most popular hosting platforms in the world, this breach could have been far more disastrous in the wrong hands had they not strongly hashed passwords.”

So, kudos to Weebly for cooperating with the LeakedSource team (instead of shunning them, like Twitter once did), and also for safeguarding passwords with a relatively high level of encryption.

Customer Payment Information Remains Secure

Thankfully, Weebly also confirmed in an email to customers that they don’t believe any of their hosted websites were improperly accessed. They also made it clear that they don’t store credit card information, so their customers are safe on that front.

LeakedSource also claimed that password resets were being issued by Weebly – but if you’re a Weebly user and you haven’t changed your password since February, I strongly suggest changing it right away.

To follow this news as it develops, LeakedSource’s official Twitter page seems to be the place to be. So far, they have reported details on the data breaches at Yahoo, LinkedIn, and DropBox.

And of course, we’ll keep you updated here on FreeSites.

Have you had any security issues with Weebly over the last few months? Let us know in the comments section below.

It’s a lot easier for your site to look great with Free Stock Photos.  Forbes amazing contributor Tomas Laurinavicius has recently accumulated a tremendous list of the best of the best free sites for stock photos.  In addition, his commentary is well worth your time.  Here’s his list:


Unsplash – One of the greatest resources for free photos. Over 50,000 of real and honest photos contributed by talented people.

Pexels – A powerful stock photo search engine for CC0 licensed images from various sources.

Barn Images – Two photographers from Latvia, Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits offer you a collection of free high-resolution non-stock photography.

Death to the Stock Photo – Free monthly photo packs for creatives. A photo & inspiration haven for creatives crushing their path.

Picjumbo – A free stock photo site created by designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013. It all started when any stock photo site didn‘t want his photos due to lack of quality.

FoodiesFeed – A delicious resource of free realistic food images in high resolution and free digital goods related to food.

Commissioned photos from 200,000 of the world's most talented photographers. Image credit: Snapwire Snaps/Imanuel Pasaka.

Commissioned photos from 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers. Image credit: Snapwire Snaps/Imanuel Pasaka.

Snapwire Snaps – Get 7 free beautiful photos every 7 days by Snapwire. Commissioned photos from 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers.

BucketListly Photos – A free creative common collection of travelphotos anyone can use. Brought to you by Pete R., founder of BucketListly.

Tookapic – Essentially, a platform for starting your “photo a day” project, Tookapic has a marketplace for stock photos and a huge selection of free images.

Startup Stock Photos – Simple, trendy photos of the startup environment and equipment. An excellent resource for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators & everyone else.

Skitterphoto – Amazing collection of high-quality and vivid photos taken by three skitter photographers residing in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Free Nature Stock – A project by the talented Adrian Pelletier, providing completely free nature photos of some absolutely beautiful locations, and the best part is that every single day there’s a brand new photo added.

Jay Mantri – Jay Mantri is a graphic designer and photographer that captures amazing photos specifically for use within design projects.

Life Of Pix – Free high-resolution photos under public domain, mentioned CC0 licence. Photos are provided by Leeroy advertising agency in Montreal and its network of photographers.

Photo Collections is a free stock photo project by Vadim Goncharov. Image credit: Vadim Goncharov.

Photo Collections is a free stock photo project by Vadim Goncharov. Image credit: Vadim Goncharov.

Photo Collections – Another free stock photo project by Vadim Goncharov. He openly invites you to use his photos on personal or commercial projects all for free.

Picography – Free hi-resolution photos with the “use them however you like” licence provided by Hidden Depth.

Peekspace – Patrick Goethe collects and curates free space photos scattered around the web.

IM Free – A curated collection of free web design resources including photos, all free for commercial use.

Kaboompics – A great place to get breathtaking free pictures for business or personal projects.

Gratisography – High-resolution photos by Ryan McGuire you can use for free on your personal and commercial projects.

ISO Republic – Tom Eversley, a designer and photographer from England provides exclusive free and premium stock photos for creatives.

PhotoStockEditor – A growing collection of free high-resolution images for personal and commercial use.

Pixabay – Another useful stock photo search engine for CC0 images with over 580,000 free photos, vectors and illustrations.

Travel Coffee Book – A large collection of beautiful travel moments available as CC0 photos.

Stocksnap – Hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly. All photos are free from copyright restrictions, meaning no attribution is required.

Image credit: SpaceX.

Exclusive collection of promotional SpaceX stock photography available for free on Flickr. Image credit: SpaceX.

SpaceX Photos – Exclusive collection of promotional SpaceX stock photography available for free on Flickr.

The Pic Pac – Authentic photo packs with “do whatever you want” licence. All packs are “pay what you want” meaning you can get them for free or support the project by donating any amount of money.

Negative Space – Free stock photos added every week. All photos are released under CC0 licence.

Hi-resolution photos added every week by visual and UX designer and lean startup coach. Image credit: Epicantus/Daria N.

Hi-resolution photos added every week by visual and UX designer and lean startup coach. Image credit: Epicantus/Daria N.

Epicantus – Hi-resolution photos added every week by visual and UX designer and lean startup coach Daria N.

Stock Up – Dynamic free stock photo search engine with 11,233 indexed at the time of writing.

Cupcake – Photographer Jonas Nilsson Lee offers free images to the public domain. That means no attribution ever unless, of course, you want to.

MMT – Jeffrey Betts provides free photos for personal and commercial use under CC0 license.

Moveast – A collection of a Portuguese guy traveling the world and generously sharing his photos for free.

GoDaddy Makes Building WordPress Websites Easier With New Product Introduction

WordPress Websites helps small businesses – or anyone with an idea – create a powerful, scalable WordPress site.  Wordpress is one of the great free sites using absolutely free open source code.

According to PR Newswire as told to them by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), they’re the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.  They recently announced WordPress Websites – the easiest way for those looking to build a WordPress website to get up and running quickly. The new offering features an exclusive WordPress Quick Start Wizard that simplifies the website creation process to get people started quickly, plus free, high-quality images for virtually any industry. It also includes professionally built premium themes, and a Visual Page Editor for easy drag and drop customization. Since it’s built on WordPress, the world’s most popular tool for creating websites, businesses have the ability to add new site features using the tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins that are available.

GoDaddy developed WordPress Websites for small business owners, and any looking to put their ideas online, who want a professional-looking WordPress website, but may not have experience with website development.

With the Quick Start Wizard, users can quickly get started with a choice of premium quality themes and layouts that include essential pages and features (e.g. blog, photo gallery, contact form, social integration with Facebook, Twitter and more) and access to a library of thousands of free images. From here, the Visual Page Editor allows you to edit text, drag and drop columns and rows, and insert images directly onto your page.

Faster Publishing with Scalable Solution

Small businesses are already seeing the benefits of this faster, more intuitive experience with new professionally designed themes. During the beta release, more than three times as many customers have been successful in publishing a website and the average time to publish a site has decreased by 73%. For additional data about how GoDaddy has made WordPress easier to use, their blog post on the GoDaddy Garage.

As their business needs grow, a small business’ GoDaddy WordPress website can also expand in functionality, via the installation of free feature plugins on WordPress.org. 45,000+ feature plugins are available to extend website capabilities to include the likes of online reservations, ticket sales and discussion forums. In the past nine months alone, GoDaddy has seen website builder plugins grow in usage by 60% across millions of GoDaddy-hosted WordPress websites.

Expert Managed WordPress Hosting Support

Powered by an optimized WordPress hosting platform, technical hosting tasks are also taken care of by GoDaddy including WordPress installation, server-side site load optimization, a multi-clustered server platform so websites are ready to scale for high traffic, and secured with automated software updates and free daily site backups. Customers also have access to GoDaddy’s free 24/7 expert support.

“WordPress is a massive ecosystem, powering over 25% of the top 10 million websites worldwide.  At GoDaddy over 50% of our Hosting customers use WordPress. It’s an incredibly popular platform, but it can be technically complex for business owners who want to create their own website,” said Jeff King, senior vice president of Hosting at GoDaddy. “Adding WordPress Websites to our portfolio helps provide a full range of DIY site building solutions for our small business customers. With them in mind, WordPress Websites is designed to be the easiest way to create a powerful, scalable WordPress website.”

Additional Features

Email signup form integrated with GoDaddy Email Marketing: Users can create mailing lists with a built-in email signup form, then send promotional campaigns and newsletters to drive sales and build influence. Additionally, GoDaddy provides the first 50 sends free, and on GoDaddy’s Up & Running and GoDaddy Pro plans, users can directly convert WordPress blog posts into email newsletters.

SEO Wizard: GoDaddy’s Search Engine Visibility is included with the Deluxe and Ultimate plans. This fully integrated, step-by-step SEO instruction prepares your site to get found on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

WP 101 Lessons: The videos allow users to learn the basics of WordPress website building.

Get Online Package: Includes a free Domain* and Microsoft Office 365 Business Class* email.
(*First year free, renews at list price.)

Pricing & Availability

WordPress Websites from GoDaddy has three different user options:

  • $7.99/mo Basic: 1 site, 10 GB storage, 25,000 monthly visitors
  • $9.99 mo Business: 1 site, 25 GB storage, 100,000 monthly visitors, SEO wizard, a site to test changes before publishing
  • $14.99 Ultimate: Up to 2 sites, 30 GB storage, 400,000 monthly visitors, SEO wizard, a site to test changes before publishing, Malware removal, SSL certificate for secure communications and transactions

Includes free Domain*, Business Class* email powered by Managed WordPress hosting. (*first year free, renews at list price.)

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With more than 14 million customers worldwide and more than 63 million domain names under management, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. Our mission is to give our customers the tools, insights and the people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success. To learn more about the company, visit www.GoDaddy.com.

Access to powerful plug & play e-commerce for hundreds of thousands of new users
ePages integration a milestone in CM4all Sites functionality
COLOGNE, Germany & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ePages (www.epages.com), a leading international provider of online shop software, and CM4all (www.cm4all.com), a market leading website builder for the hosting industry, today announced a global partnership to deliver fully featured ecommerce directly within CM4alls solution. The CM4all ePages tariff will be offered to a large proportion of CM4all users via its extensive network of providers. The strengths of ePages and CM4all combine to deliver users a high quality solution for omnichannel ecommerce.

With over 3 million users worldwide, CM4all is an innovation leader in the field of web-based site building solutions. From the start of 2017, CM4all Sites one of the worlds most powerful and popular web builders and CMS platforms directly integrates ePages functionality to offer seamless access to powerful plug & play ecommerce. The new CM4all ePages tariff will be delivered to SMBs via sales partnerships with the worlds most important web hosting, cloud and telco providers.

The deep integration of ePages is the first of its type for CM4all Sites. The collaboration has resulted in a powerful and attractive website solution with a strong user experience level. It features a connection to an ePages account and is optimised to best display the shop directly within a CM4all website. All appearance settings configured within CM4all, and users run and maintain shops (management of products, orders, etc) within the ePages control panel.

The web building expertise of CM4all has been engineered with ePages modern shop functionality to create an impressive feature set attractive sector-specific design templates, floating shopping cart to integrate seamlessly into an existing website, and secure high performance check-out. Via its partnerships with 80+ tech partners, ePages offers merchants tools and integrations for the worlds best shipping and payment options, most important marketplaces, up to 15 languages, App Store and full SEO optimisation.

ePages CEO Wilfried Beeck, said, ?Our partnership with CM4all is great news for a significant number of CM4all website users who love their websites but wish to add a retail element. The combination of best in breed e-commerce and CM4alls excellent site builder comprises an ideal means to attract, interact and transact with an online audience.

The deal is a useful development in addressing the huge global demand for highly accessible, secure ways to transact from smaller scale websites. The alliance reflects strong synergies and shared competences for addressing millions of SMBs served by the hosting industry. Both CM4all Sites and ePages software meet the complex demands of OEMs and can boost ARPU for hosting providers. CM4alls carrier-grade solutions can be deeply customized to precisely target specific audiences.

Cornel Schnietz, CTO CM4all, commented, ?Both ePages and CM4all have been successful market players for a long time: ePages by offering best-in-class e-commerce solutions and CM4all by delivering a state-of-the-art site builder. With the steady increase of digitalization, it was just a matter of time before this expertise would be combined. This close collaboration is very promising for ePages, for us, and especially for our OEM partners. They will now be able to complement their product offering with upgrade options for an additional revenue channel?.

As cloud-driven software, users of CM4all ePages tariff benefit from constantly evolving innovations added across display, search, payments and shipping, online marketing and communications. For many SMBs, the combination of ePages shop functionality and CM4alls robust and feature rich websites will provide the ideal catalyst for e-commerce success.

Beeck added, ?Both ePages and CM4all share much of their DNA both companies share the drive and passion to deliver remarkable and profitable online results to those running even the most modest websites.

About CM4all

Robert Schovenberg and Cornel Schnietz founded Content Management AG (CM-AG) in 1999. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, CM-AG develops and distributes software and infrastructure solutions based on CM4alls highly scalable technology, which enables the creation, maintenance, and easy updating of fully-responsive SMB and consumer websites.

CM4alls highly scalable technology is operated in an ASP model. The company’s core products are the website building solutions CM4all Sites and CM4all WebsiteCreator, which are adapted for and licensed to individual OEM partners and are available in 25+ languages.

With over three million paying customers worldwide, CM4all is a leading developer of web-based applications for the Internet. CM4all software is currently being distributed worldwide via leading telcos, MSOs, ISPs, and web hosting companies, like 1&1 Internet AG, Arsys Internet S.L., Deutsche Telekom AG, Endurance International Group Inc., Hostpoint AG, Hostway Corporation, NTT Communications, Strato AG, Universo Online S.A., Unitymedia GmbH, and Verio Inc.

For more information please visit www.cm4all.com.

About ePages

ePages (www.epages.com) is the largest independent provider of online shop software in Europe based on license revenue. 140,000 companies in 75 countries run professional online shops based on ePages products; complete with up to 15 languages, search engine optimisation, individual design and optimised for tablets and smartphones. Thanks to regular updates, ePages online shops are always up-to-date with the latest e-commerce trends.

The company collaborates with more than 80 technology partners such as online marketplaces, comparison shopping websites, payment providers and ERP vendors. Sales partners are hosting providers as well as logistics, telecommunications, and yellow pages companies who provide best of breed e-commerce solutions to their SMB customer base. Both ePages partners and customers benefit from over 20 years of experience. The company headquarters is in Hamburg with additional subsidiaries in London, Barcelona and New York.

Create your own online store or an amazing website. It´s free.

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